A Bible for Every Jewish Home

We believe that Jesus is the Messiah. The Bible is a Jewish book, and testifies about Him. This is why we distribute the Word of God, the Bible.

Our Approach


Material, form factor and language. We develop Bibles specifically to help Jewish people read and understand the Word of God.



All around the world we encounter Jewish people, and offer them a copy of the Bible, so they can discover the Messiah for themselves.



We partner up and provide Bibles for organizations, institutions, and individual workers. We also offer training to engage in respectful and meaningful conversations with Jewish people.


Support our Cause

Every week, our fieldworkers report on astonishing encounters, thrilling conversations, and Bibles being accepted in gratitude. The Jewish people yearn for God’s Word!


In the Field

On the Golan Heights we spoke to a physical therapist about Yeshua and what the Tanakh says about Him. The man told us that he often speaks about it with a client. "No, never from the point of view of the New Testament. I can't, because I don't have one," he said. To his great surprise we showed him a New Testament and offered it to him. He accepted it as a precious gift.

We were talking to a Holocaust survivor from Hungary. The man had been in no less than four camps! When we showed him a Hebrew-Hungarian Tanakh and New Testament, he immediately snatched them out of our hands. The man had never seen them before and said with a big smile, "You won't get these back." He also gave us his address and invited us over to talk some more.

Today we are mailing out online Bible requests, also to a yeshiva student. He would like to have the smallest possible New Testament because he is afraid of being seen with it.

Joseph had just woken up and was still reclining in his beach chair. We asked him if he knew the story of Joseph. "Yeah sure!" he answered, "He was sold by his brothers, but eventually became the savior of his family!" But did he also know the story of Yeshua? He too was rejected, but is now the only Savior. Not only of His family, the Jewish people, but of the entire world. Joseph accepted a New Testament, where he can read for himself about Jesus the Messiah.


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