How We Work


All over the world we encounter Jewish people, and speak with them about the Messiah. We offer them a copy of the Bible: the unique Word of God in which they can discover for themselves who the Messiah of Israel is.

On the Street

We encounter Jewish people wherever they are, and testify about or love for the Messiah, and about His love for His people. We offer them a free copy of the Bible, because we are convinced that God speaks through His living Word every day. Many testimonies of Messianic Jews show us that reading the Bible was a crucial step in finding the Messiah. God's Word removes prejudices and convinces of the truth.


Per request, we make the Tanakh in bilingual format available to synagogues, libraries and Jewish institutions.

Coffee Bar

In Israel, we run a coffee bar together with Jews for Jesus. Israelis can come in for a cup of coffee, a good conversation and a free New Testament. Most Israelis know next to nothing about Yeshua, because he has always been hidden so well, but today's Israel is fertile ground for the Gospel.


Through this website, or Jewish people can request a free Tanakh or New Testament. Before shipment, there is always contact with the recipient.


We always work together with local believers. Our workers are only in places for short periods of time, but the local believers stay, and continue the work after we leave. As a result, an extensive network of workers among Israelis exists worldwide.


Our workers usually go out in pairs. Engaging with Jewish people, offering a Bible and the gospel message is often a threshold to cross. Prayer is and indispensable for finding the right words, courage, wisdom and tact.