Partnership and Training

Partnership and Training

We cannot distribute Bibles alone, so we like to work with partners. Together we look at what is needed for our Bible publications, so they are even better suited for our audiences. We also teach how to hand out Bibles and how to respectfully engage in conversation.

Our Partners

We provide partners with Bibles and try to learn from them. In this way we strengthen each other and ensure that our Bible editions are even better suited to our various audiences.

Among our partners are:



To properly and respectfully engage with Jewish people and hand out Bibles, education is important. After all, the Jewish people have a long and poignant history. Therefore, we provide training at Bible schools, to individuals and organize training days, both physically and online.

Together with You?

On a trip to Israel or another country? Or maybe you are in contact with Jewish communities in your own area? Then consider contacting us for Bibles

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Spread the Word

Make others aware of Bible distribution. For example, if you know of individual believers or organizations in your area who are engaged with the Jewish people. direct them to our site.