Material Aid

Spreading God’s Word among the Jewish people is our first and foremost calling. At the same time, our fieldworkers regularly encounter many Jewish believers living in poverty, especially in Eastern Europe.
These people lack sufficient money for proper nourishment, clothing and medicine. We cannot and will not ignore their needs!

Through local Messianic churches, less fortunate Jewish brothers and sisters receive food and medicinal aid. We also contribute financially to family and children’s camps organized by Messianic churches, and to specific individual needs.

It may be that our support is only a small drop in the ocean, but we believe that even the smallest token of charity is worthwhile. Moreover, knowing that there are people that care for these communities is invaluable to them.

Material support is coordinated by our team ‘IB Handreiking’ (IB Support). James wrote that it is not well to preach on God’s love while saying to the poor: “Depart in peace, be warmed and filled” (Jas 2:16). Material support is therefore an indispensable part of our mission.