Tailor-made Bibles

We always give Bibles personally, freely and without any obligation. We develop Bibles specifically to help Jewish people read and understand the Word of God. It is important that we offer the right Bible to the right person.

This is why we focus on specific groups:

In Israel
For Jewish people in Israel from secular backgrounds we offer the New Testament in modern Hebrew, and the Tanakh in Classical Hebrew. Want to know more?

For Jewish people from religious backgrounds, we offer a variety of Bible versions in classical Hebrew and Yiddish. Want to know more?

Outside Israel
For Jewish people who live outside Israel we offer a variety of bilingual Bibles, so they can also read the scriptures in their native language. Want to know more?

Israeli Backpackers
The Backpack Bible is tailor made for young Israeli's who travel the world with their backpacks. This version is small and handy. Want to know more?

Israeli Tourists
Encountering Israeli tourists in your home country? We have a New Testament in modern Hebrew especially for them. Want to know more?