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Israel is a great country to spend your holiday. You can ski on mount Hermon, scuba dive in Eilat, or enjoy the wondrous Israeli natural world and the riches of its archeology. It has a fascinating people, partly Jewish and Arab, who together form a melting pot of beautifully diverse cultures and languages. Above all, it is God’s country, and it will be the stage for the wondrous salvific acts which will occur when Israel’s Messiah returns to the world. No wonder many Christians often return from their holidays in Israel in awe and thankfulness for Israel’s 70 years as an independent nation.

That 70-years independence has come at a high price. Since the foundation of the state of Israel, some 25,000 Israeli have been killed during wartime or by terrorist attacks. About 100,000 veterans are disabled for life.
Every generation has known the bitter taste of war. At the age of 18, most Israeli’s have to serve in the army for 2–3 years. Years that often leave deep scars. After their military service, many Israelis travel the world as backpackers. Mostly they search for answers to life’s great questions, and try to cope with their experiences in the military.


Those who go backpacking directly after their military service mainly travel to Asian countries such as India; a country in which is cheap for Israeli’s to live and where drugs are readily available. It is also rife with many different Eastern religions that promise ‘peace’. One of the backpackers, Shalev Peller, tells: “I’d had three years of alarms each morning, of always having an assignment, of constant uncertainty as to when I’d be home next. Three years of my days not really belonging to me. Now that they did, once again, I was going to fill them with flute lessons, mantra-humming monks, and as much India as possible.”

An Anniversary Gift

After careful prayer and deliberation, we decided that the Book of books is the greatest anniversary gift that we could possibly give to Israel. A Gift for young people who had to give up part of their lives for their country and people. A book that has the words:
"Come to Me, all you who labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest” (Mat. 11:28).
Those who are drafted in the Israeli army already receive a Tanakh. We want to give them a special Backpack version of the New Testament in addition. This edition is small, light and durable, so it will survive the traveling life of backpackers. But it also has the appearance and quality of a true gift!
This way, recipients will see our love for them, but also for the Book itself.

Will you partner with us to realize this amazing Gift?

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