Which Version Do I Need?

Which Version Do I Need?

We hand out Bibles in many different languages and formats. For the Hebrew New Testament we use two different translations. Why? Well, it has everything to do with the different groups that we want to reach.

For a lot of modern and secular Israelis, Biblical Hebrew is a very difficult language to read and understand. This is why we use a modern translation of the New Testament. This translation is in their native language, Modern Hebrew. It is available in several different editions, see here.

For Jewish people with a religious background, the situation is very different. They are often raised with the Tanakh and the Talmud, and therefore know the Classical Hebrew dialects much better. They generally also prefer to read a translation closer to the Tanakh. For this group we use the Salkinson-Ginsburg. It is available in several different editions here.

Generally, Jewish communities outside of Israel have more benefit from a bilingual translation with Classical Hebrew, as Modern Hebrew is not their native tongue.

If you want to hand out Bibles, it is very important that you know your target audience. Especially if you want to order Bibles from us! Who am I dealing with? And what is his or her background? Who wants to receive a beautiful Bible in a language that you cannot understand?

Our Ground Principles

We gladly support people and organizations that want to hand out Bibles. However, we always start from a number of ground principles:

Free: We provide Bible versions free-of-charge. If you accept our bibles for distribution, we expect that you hand them out for free as well. See here for more information.

Personal: We hand out Bibles to other people personally. We therefore expect that you do not distribute Bibles through mail boxes, or by leaving them anonymously in public spaces.

Customized: We want to give the right Bible to the right person. If you hand out our Bibles, we expect you to know your target audience, and that you know which translation suits the situation. If you have any questions about which version to use, please contact us.

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